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Ange Curl: The Next Big Thing in Eyelash Extensions!

I'm one of those girls who are not blessed with long and thick lashes. As a matter of fact, my lashes are barely visible without any mascara on it. Lately, I've been trying out different ways to solve this problem as I'm always on the go and always traveling. I have tried lashes extensions but honestly, it feels too heavy for me and it feels like something is poking my eyes. I have tried lash lift as well but since my lashes are not thick enough, I am just stuck with curled lashes.

Lashes before the treatment

That is why Ange Curl from Ayumi Eyelashes is definitely a heaven sent for me! It's a mixed process of lash lift and lashes extensions with the use of mink hair; the highest quality of virgin hair. 

Getting the lash lift treatment

With Ange Curl, the process starts by lifting your lashes. Through this, your real lashes would be curled for 15-30 minutes. The good side about this is that your real lashes won't be that visibly separated to your lashes extensions. Having your lashes curled and lifted would definitely pay off since after a few good weeks, your lashes extensions would definitely fall off. By that time, your lashes extensions would have spares area but since your natural lashes are curled, they are still pretty decent enough to makeup with the lost lashes and still ready to go.

Result of the lash lift

After the eyelashes lifting process, a good 30-45 minutes of putting eyelashes extensions is next. Fret not because while getting your lashes done, you'll definitely doze off in their lazy boy chair.

In this process, you'll be able to choose which type of eyelashes extensions do you prefer. I went for the 5D Lashes Extension in 12 & 13. All of their lashes feels like natural hair that they just blend in with your natural lashes when attached and it doesn't feel heavy like other eyelashes extensions.
Result of the Ange Curl treatment

After a few days of getting my lashes done, I went on a beach trip with my friends in Baler. On this trip, I was able to test how good Ayumi is when it comes to eyelashes extensions. I was able to survive Baler's big waves in the beach, I did a 1.3km trekking with heat and sweat, and I went swimming in Cave and Waterfalls! After all of this spontaneous activities, my eyelashes extensions are still in tact and still look good as new!


Ayumi eyelash extensions are the first Filipino owned eyelash extension and nail art salon that provides exceptional quality from Japan. They uses premium Japan-made lashes that gives you unbelievably natural looking lashes that is soft and easy to maintain. Ayumi eyelash extensions are done with the expertise of our well-trained technicians and is completely pain-free. Visit their website https://ayumi.ph/ and Instagram www.instagram.com/ayumi.eyelashes to know more about their other services and where to find them!

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