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6K for 6 sessions of Tokyo Bright Smile — Only at Ayumi, Quezon City!

Lately, I've always been interested in getting my teeth whitening. I've seen a lot of people are doing it nowadays but whenever I ask them about the service, they are not satisfied with it and some even paid chunks of money to get the service done. Some says they paid around Php 5,000 for one session for not so known clinic and some even paid almost Php 10,000 for one session!

Let's be honest, teeth whitening isn't exactly affordable. That's why I was so surprised when I saw Ayumi's deal for their Tokyo Bright Smile. Their teeth whitening package is Php 6,000 for 6 sessions! So basically like Php 1,000 per session.

Tokyo Bright Smile whitening process only takes around 30-45 mins. It starts with checking your teeth shade to see if there's a difference after the session. Initially, I got S16. After checking your teethh shade, they handover a new set of toothbrush and toothpaste for you to clean your teeth. Then all the process will follow.

What I love Ayumi is that this kind of treatment is done in a private room. But the real deal is after just one session, my teeth really whitened. It jumped from S16 to S12 in span after few minutes. Yes, that's how good their the products and services are!

If you wish to avail this treatment, please book your session at Ayumi Queozon City Branch.


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