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Shopping Experience with Zaxy

Hey, girls! About a week ago, I visited the newly renovated Bambu store located in High Street, BGC and it's totally chic! The newly revamped store's vibe is so light and colorful; it could even pass off as one of the newest go-to shopping store for Millenials! 

BAMBU is a one-stop-shop for trendy and fashionable footwear like Ipanema, Grendha, Rider, and my ultimate fave, ZAXY! It might be not that remarkable in our country yet, but Zaxy is a world-famous fashion brand of jelly shoes from Brazil that speaks fun, fresh, vibrant and young!

I was caught up in a big dilemma while shopping at Zaxy because they offer so many chic designs from flats, slides, platforms and high heels that are ideal for everyday wear be it under the summer or rainy days! Fret not, the ate's and kuya's in Bambu store will be a great help in assisting you if you decided to go hoard and go crazy with their designs!

My top three picks include 1 ballet flats that is super comfortable and definitely my favorite among the three; 1 strap sandals that is perfect for everyday walk and could match up with any clothes and lastly, their new release of slides platform, that has been on trend this 2018!

What's best way to share my shopping experience in Zaxy is to take you girls with me and experience your own shopping spree! Yes, that's right, I'll be having a giveaway shopping spree for 1 pair of shoes (of your choice) in Bambu Store, BGC! So, what are you waiting for? Join my #DhenLovesZAXY giveaway!

Steps to join the giveaway:
1. Repost this photo on your Instagram/Facebook account with hashtags:
 #DhenLovesZAXY #giveawayph #giveawaysph
2. Tag as many friends as you can on the comment section below!
3. Make sure that you are following me and Zaxy Philippines both on Instagram & Facebook!

and be ready to win 1 of these newest design or other a design of your choice in the store!

P.S. I'll choose 2 winners - 1 from Facebook and 1 from Instagram. Winner announcement will be on April 25, 2018 and the shopping spree will commence on April 28, 2018 in BAMBU Store, Bonifacio Global City High Street!

#BlogaGoesGlobal with Skyscanner: Bali, a dream destination!

They say "once a year, travel somewhere new." But personally, I think that traveling is something you should do whenever you can: if we have the means, then we shouldn't be spending the entirety of our lives locked in one place. Travel to learn new things, to interact with different cultures, and give yourself the chance to be pleasantly surprised with how much you can do and learn.

Having experienced travel with family growing up, and graduating with a degree in Travel Management in UST, I’ve earned many fruitful experiences from learning about and going on trips. However, my list of cities and countries to visit remains long as ever—Bali, being on top of it. Indonesia is very rich in culture, and one of the main reasons why everyone falls in love deeply with Bali is because it’s the hub of the Indonesian experience. The religious scene is everywhere; temples and unique architectures that can soothe one's soul. Bali is abundant with nature’s landscapes, the home of everything from mountains to waterfalls, and of course several beautiful beaches.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to travel, not just particularly in Bali, but anywhere else. For those who are able to, one of the best chances to score affordable travel is by staying updated with airline promo seat sales. However, because these seat sales happen only occasionally, there's no assurance that one will be able to book it on the airline's declared sale price. But, who needs to wait for the said seat sales if there is Skyscanner? If you're still not familiar with it, Skyscanner provides comparison of cheap airfares and promo fares for both domestic and international flights. It also provides the cheapest deals for hotels, car hire, and holiday promos! Skyscanner is recommended by travel junkies, local media, and the best part? Did I mention that their service is for free? ;)

I'm always on Skyscanner waiting for the best airfare deal going to Bali!  Let me share with you why am I dying to go and see the picturesque destinations that Bali offers.

These destinations are not even half of what Bali offers but these are the destinations that I'd love to see and explore. These are the places that would make me leap out of joy and these are the places that I'd to share my experiences and learning to everyone. 

Photos are taken from Pinterest.com and Google.com
Credits are duly given to the owner.

Staycation: ZEN ROOMS - The Gramercy Residences Makati

Are you tired of your daily routine? Work on weekdays at the office and rest on weekends at home? There's one solution to break your daily or weekly habits, why not try to do a STAYCATION in your nearby areas? If your problem is that you don't want to spend too much for it, then I have the best answer to your dilemma.

I, too, love to break my routine and always long for adventure. But, having too much fun on adventures sometimes takes toll on me as it does take too much effort to do so! That's why I love having staycations in the metro. Lounging in the bed all day, binge watching your favorite series, swimming in the pool and spending time with family and friends, that's my ideal staycation!

Fret not because we can now experience the service of ZEN ROOMS, a not so expensive staycation (in this case) but still scoring all the good deals just like in the 5 star hotels with the LOWEST RATES! Zen Rooms offers affordable accommodation in the Philippines and in Asia.

When we arrived at the room, everything was clean! It has always been in my system to check for hair strands left in the bed (because some hotels really don't clean up the bed) before lounging like a couch potato; lo and behold, the bed was spotless!!! Right there and then, I snuggled up with the comfortable comforters and snooze for a while — thanks to the cool AC! ;)

A staycation wouldn't be a "staycation" without the Wi-Fi session as you kill time and relax (Did I mention the Wi-Fi connection of Zen Rooms was so fast and it's FREE!)

The pool of ZEN ROOMS Gramercy Residences was the cherry on top! We spent hours enjoying the pool with magnificent Makati skyline view. It was definitely a perfect spot to watch the sunset and sunrise. Who would've thought that you'd be able to have a luxurious pool experience in such a small amount of money spent.

If you have plans on having a staycation, travelling in the country or the nearby Asian countries, why not try booking your rooms with ZEN ROOM so you could travel more and pay less! You can use my code "DHEN" to slash 20% off on your stay! ;)