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Staycation: Nobu Hotel - City of Dreams

City of Dreams Manila is an integrated resort and casino that features 3 luxurious hotel brands and one of which is Nobu Hotel. The said hotel screams luxury inside and outside - from the Gold exteriors of the facade of the hotel down to its modern Japanese interiors of the hotel facilities.

(Check in process was fast! They're using electronic devices for checking in.)

It was the perfect opportunity to have a staycation with my family. We have spent an overnight stay at the Nobu Executive room; the room is the second highest in the ranking of their room classifications. It shows a magnificent panoramic views of City of Dreams pools and the room is so spacious which made me love the room so much.

The room is spacious and the 2 phones inside the room has the guest name on it!
I called the front office several times and no need to introduce myself as they know who is calling and from what room they're calling.

One of the special feature of Nobu's hotel rooms is their bathroom! The Executive bathrooms comes with the toilet with advanced auto washlet from Japan (all rooms has this feature), deep sink, shower and bathtub. With all honesty, I lost my sanity when the toilet cover automatically opened as it has its own sensor. The best part of this is their warm seat toilet seat added with the exclusive Natura Bisse bath amenities, Nobu's bathrooms are definitely a top notch!

Entrance of Nobu Restaurant

We had brunch the following day and as usual, Nobu Hotel serves breakfast buffet with breads, salads, hot and cold station, fruits and yogurt station. But, as opposed to other hotels, what makes Nobu Hotel unique is that they serve Japanese dishes at their breakfast buffet and they have their own station for Eggs, Pancakes and Noodles and every station has an assigned chef to cook your food as you wish!


If you think that it's all about luxury with Nobu Hotel, then you're all wrong! Their hotel amenities are definitely the most comfortable that I have experienced so far! Their bathrobes are so fluffy that it makes you want to go back to sleep and snuggle your self. The hotel slippers are patterned with Japanese slippers but it's so comfy and soft.

Outdoor dinning area for Nobu Restaurant

You may say that it's too good to be true but the services that Nobu Hotel offers are exemplary! It is the perfect staycation spot for family and friends. It's both comfort and luxury at the same time.

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