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5 Spots You Shouldn't Miss While In Albay, Bicol!

A few months, I went to Bicol and just like most of everyone, it's not in my top list of the places I wanted to go to. The only reason why I want to be there is too see the Mayon Valcano. Never did I thought that there are more places to see in Bicol. Yes, Bicol has a lot to offer! Continue reading to get a glimpse of the 5 spots that you can visit in Bicol!

This spot is probably the newest attraction in Albay, located in the town of Camalig. With the entrance fee of Php 50 and Php25 for boat ride in exchange of a serene view and picturesque backdrop of Mt. Mayon, this attraction is definitely a must!

A haven for cruising ships in the area that would calm the bystanders. Yes, you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean and Mayon Volcano without spending any cent! Bringing a bike to stroll or a picnic date would be nice in this lowkey attraction that offers such magnificent view!

The name of this resort has been buzzing from time to time and being associated with Bicol as the infamous luxury resort in the area. Stepping foot with the pristine resort is such a delight! But, the resort has more to offer to guests even if they're not staying in the resort.

Located in Baligang-Caguina Road, Camalig a little trekking of 10-15 minutes won't hurt when you get to the top. A literally breathtaking view awaits for the hikers for just Php 10 entrance fee! Get a glimpse of Mayon and enjoy the green view with matching cool breeze on the top!

Definitely without a doubt, THE Mayon Volcano that can be seen anywhere in Albay takes the spotlight in the area. A perfect cone shaped volcano that has been one of the pride and remarkable tourist spot in Bicol and the whole Philippines!