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5 reasons why do you need to have a staycation at Picasso Makati!

Once in a while we need a little time to rest and relax to take a break from our daily routine, to freshen up our senses or just to simply experience something new. But, it doesn't mean that we have to go to far places, or worse, to splurge on lavish rooms and luxurious vacations to be able to do it. Sometimes, the place that we need to experience something extraordinary is just within our reach!

I have recently had a staycation at The Picasso Boutique Service Residences but fret not, it is not the usual staycation that you would experience. This particular hotel has its own designs aligned to one of the well known artist from the 20th century, Pablo Picasso. And here the top 5 reasons why you should experience the art of great stay too:

5. It is located in the heart of Makati.
Address: 119 L.P Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City

Which makes The Picasso Boutique Service Residences very accessible! Without the fuss of travelling all the way to South and North, you can easily locate the hotel. It is also near Makati's biggest business centers, malls and just a few blocks from the Salcedo Saturday Market and Ayala Triangle. 

You can easily spot this one of a kind beaut because even on the outside, the hotel has so much character.

Who can even miss this work of art, right?

4. Their rooms are spacious!
Unlike the usual hotel rooms, Picasso's rooms are extremely huge even their studio room has ample room for the working desk and balcony. As for the room where I have stayed, it is Barcelona Suite room which is inspired by Picasso's "spiritual home" and which offers a spacious 88sqm.

This particular room has it's own living room, composed of working desk, Smart TV, couch with an artsy vibe.

Plus points for this very usable JBL bluetooth speaker!

The bathroom is so simple in all white that makes it more relaxing. It is also spacious!!!

3. The service + food are UH-MAZING!
In anywhere you go, the thing that will keep coming back is how you enjoyed the service of the place but combining it with delicious meals,those are definitely the deal-breaker! Picasso Makati has definitely invested in their people as they are very warm and they welcome their guests wholeheartedly. But, the good set of meals in PABLO, their own restaurant is definitely a different story. Good service plus good food in a aesthetically pleasing place, what more to ask for?! 



2. They have their own art gallery!
This is something that stands out Picasso Boutique Service Residences from the rest of the hotels in the metro. They have something that the others cannot offer.

1. Everything is stylish and artsy!
Having picturesque views and corners is a must-have in the hotels nowadays but having them in all of the corners of your hotel and your hotel itself is an artsy haven, it's definitely a hit to the millenials and young at heart!

If you love art or just simply maarte, you should try even just for a night to experience the Art of Great Stay at Picasso Boutique Service Residences! And just in case that you need to reach them out here are the details that you need:

The Picasso 
Boutique Serviced Residences

Inspired by a creative genius, The Picasso is where vintage meets novelty, where a hotel experience is transformed into an affair with the arts. Located at the Makati Central Business District, this boutique hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring the vibrant energy of our city life. This is The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, where art and passion live.

119 L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
T: +632 828 4774 | F: +632 828 9141
E: reservations@picassomakati.com

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