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BIGGEST REVELATION: I had my nose done at Skinstation!!!

How to get your nose done without undergoing a surgery.

Each one of us has their own insecurities in life; yes these are present and it has a never ending list. In a vast range of insecurities, let's trim it down to a more specific one. I'd like to point out on my own insecurity  MY NOSE. I grew up being insecure about my nose; it was flat and bulbous, a typical Filipino nose. I can even remember when my cousins, friends and classmates used to tease me "pango" during my younger years. This lessen as I have aged since my nose has improved as I grew up. But, the urge to make it look better has always been there. I was scared to be judged by others since we are in a conservative country and people always have to say something especially on issues on cosmetic surgery and the likes. Nevertheless. I have always believe that if you have the chance to make your self better whether it's mental, spiritual, social or physical aspect of your life, go ahead and do it! There's nothing wrong in improving yourself. Other people will always say something but it's yourself after all and as long as it will lead you on a positive light, why not, right?

(Before the procedure)

So the moment Skinstation asked me if I am willing to undergo with their Nonsurgical Noselift, I was definitely jumping out of joy and said yes without hesitation. If you're like me who's been curious on ways to improve your nose, you might have also encountered the term Nonsurgical Nose lift or sometimes it is called Nonsurgical Nose filler or augmentation. For those who are new to it, from the term itself, it is an alternative way to improve your nose without having to undergo with the traditional surgical nose lift. The procedure itself will just take around 30-45 minutes of few injections down the middle of the nose bridge and tip with careful massage and he results can last from 1 year up to 2 and a half years depending on the filler that is used. 

1. The doctor clean out my nose area as I was wearing light make up that day.
2. Cream anesthesia was put on bridge and tip of my nose.
3. We waited 15 minutes for the anesthesia to be soaked in.
4. Antiseptic was put on the same area before the incision.
5. Injecting of fillers and incision process.

Watch the video to see the whole procedure!

(Comparison: Before & After)

R E S U L T  &  R E V I E W
What I love about the Nonsurgical Nose Lift is that you can easily see the result and it has no downtime for healing. The procedure was also so fast that I was able to attend event after. This has been one of the biggest decisions that I didn't regret in doing. It might have changed my appearance but it is for the better. The result of Nonsurgical Nose Lift is visible but it is not on the extreme level that you would like a witch for having too pointed nose.  My close friends and family did notice the changes on my nose but for others they would just tell me that there is something new to me but they can't figure it out. That's the magic of Non Surgical Nose Lift with Skinstation, it makes you look a better version of yourself - it just augment your nose in the right amount as if it is still your natural nose but better.

(1 week after the procedure)

Q U E S T I O N  &  A N S W E R 
Before the procedure itself, I had a consultation with Dr. Daya, a medical doctor of Skinstation.
Here are some of the questions that I have asked before undergoing with the procedure and what I have actually experienced during and after the procedure.

Q: How long is the procedure?
A: The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. It was that fast!

A: I had my anesthesia prior with the injecting process. At first, you won't feel anything and it's totally painless. You'll just feel that the Doctor is putting something on your nose. But on the last injection on the tip part of my nose, I felt a little pain but it is very bearable. I could compare with ant's bite.

Q: How long does it take before you can see the result?
A: Just right after the procedure. You'll notice a big difference in your looks.

Q: How long is the healing process?
A: The procedure has no downtime. You'll walk out in the clinic as if nothing just happened. As in no trace of you undergoing for a nose lift procedure except that your nose is so much better than before! 

Q: Since it is not permanent, until when can I see the result?
A: It can take 1 year until 2 and half years depending on the filler that was used.

Q: How does Nonsurgical Nose Lift differ from the Traditional Surgical Nose Lift
A: Nonsurgical Nose Lift is different from the traditional nose lift and here are the two main points:
     ● Procedure: For Nonsurgical nose lift it only includes cream anesthesia, injections and filler while for the the traditional nose lift it includes knife, cartilage, and other complex things for surgery.
    ● Recovery: For Nonsurgical nose lift, it has no down time. I even went straight to an event after my procedure. As for the traditional surgical nose lift, it would take weeks and months of healing.
Q: Did you do/apply any after care treatments?
A: I did take anti-inflammatory meds after the procedure as it was prescribed by the doctor.
     After the procedure, I just try not to put pressure on my nose whenever I do make up or wash my face in first 2 weeks. 

(Behind the scene: With team and Dr. Daya of Skinstation)

If you have more inquiries about the Nonsurgical Nose Lift, please feel free to reach out to me or  Skinstation!

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  1. How much is the procedure

    1. Hi! It depends on how many threads and it's case to case basis. You may inquire at any Skinstation branches or you can reach out to them on their social media accounts.

  2. Yeah... You forgot to mention the most important info... The price and modes of payment... Puede ba installment?

    1. Hi apologies on that. As for the prices, it's case to case basis. It depends on how many threads they will use. Also, I'm pretty sure that Skinstation is flexible with the payment terms. You may visit any of their branches for free consultation. :)

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  4. How much did your procedure cost and how many syringes were used?

  5. Which branch did you go to? What is the name of the doctor you recommend?

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