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Survival 101: Travelling Alone in Taiwan

I might be exposed in travelling since I was a kid but it's a different story if you will be travelling alone. Getting lost in a foreign country with a few English speaker is quite a challenge. But hey, I did survive and you can too!

I was turning 22 this 2017, and I have been thinking of the "best gift" that I could give to myself. Last year, I did travel to Boracay for my 21st birthday with one of my close friends even if I really wanted to do it alone. So this year, I have finally earned my courage to book my plane ticket and hotel all by myself. It was after I have received the confirmations that it sank in to me that I finally did it! I finally did what I've been wanting to do for the longest time.

Truth is, I got scared because it was my first time travelling to Taiwan. I did my research but I know that I can't really do it "alone". I was so dumbfounded when I realized that I don't know where to begin — where to look for tours, how can I go to the hotel, which trains to take and what are the other things that I need to do.

Funny as it may sound, I wanted to cancel everything from that moment. But, I told myself that there is no turning back now. I stumbled upon Klook PH on Instagram and they just have all of the answers to my question!

Through Klook, I was able to secure my Wi-Fi connection for 3 days with no hassle!

I got my airport transfers from them as well. This is the most convenient thing that I did because I really don't have to go through the struggle of commuting with my big baggage with me.

Tours were just so amazing! On my first day, I went to Taipei 101. The ticket that I purchased through Klook is definitely made it hassle-free. I got the ticket right away and I don't have to wait in the long line.

I have seen even the Northern part of Taiwan through my private coaster! Yes, you can afford to travel luxuriously through Klook!

Klook has definitely made me survive my Taiwan trip and without it, I definitely get lost! ;)

Website: www.klook.com

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