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2017: A year of self growth.

2017 has been a really good year for me and I would sum it up into two words:

During the first two months of the year, I tried reaching for the job that’s not meant for me. Just when I thought it was just my career that is not working out; and so is my relationship with my long term boyfriend back then (this has been going on since early 2016 and ended it early 2017.) These two challenges toughen me up this year. But, God will never put me in a situation that I can’t survive. 

Just when I accepted my fate that those two things are really not meant for me, that’s the time that He gave me the things that I need. I landed a job that led me to promotion in just a span of two weeks or almost a month. At the same time, my blog career boomed working with different extremely good brands for collabs, sponsorships and seedings and even got into two segments in GMA 7 show. (Which I really didn’t share except to my fam & people who saw me on the TV! HAHA!)

2017 has been a self growth year since I’ve got the freedom that I’ve been seeking for a long time. Being the “Dennyse/Dhen” that everybody knows, I maximized my time, explored what life has more to offer and learned a lot in different aspects in life. 

Adulting and budgeting is one of the things that somehow I was able to managed and still learning up to date; I stared paying my phone bills to my mom, treating my sister/fam if given the chance, splurging for myself and saving up for my future.

I learned to live life again, to explore what I have been missing out for years. I was so caged that when I finally got the freedom, I didn’t stop — I didn’t rest. You’ll find me working in the morning, attending events in between, spending time with fam & friends, going to different places every weekend.

I learned how to stand on my own two feet, tried to be somehow independent, and made decisions on my own. My outlook in life became different, I grew, and I become a better person. 

Whatever 2018 has to offer me, I'll be ready for it! 
Cheers to New Year and new beginnings!

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