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5 reasons why I love flying with Philippine Airlines

At a young age, I've been exposed to travelling. I remember when we only used to go to Baguio, and Tagaytay that turned then to several Hong Kong trips, a few visits to different Asian countries, alongside with winter and summer experiences in States. I remember my first plane ride vividly  my heart was beating fast; a mixture of excitement and  anxiousness. I was so giddy because it was my first time and, as they always say, nothing beats your first experience.

There's something about the airport, airplane rides and travelling that makes me feel complete. Every trip has its own story and every trip is a different experience that brings huge impact to my life. Nevertheless, that is why I always choose the best airline for me because it is part of my whole travel experience; it starts and ends my whole journey. So why do I love flying with PAL?


      1. Quality Service of their Cabin Crew
  • As a Travel Management graduate from UST, I, know how imbued with great qualities does PAL cabin crew does have — from warm hospitality, to infectious smiles and highly satisfactory customer service, they only choose from the pool of the best of the best.

      2. Baggage Allowance
  • This has been one of the winning features of PAL. While most the airlines for domestic trips only allow 7kg hand carry bags, PAL stands out with 20kg or 30 kg check-in baggage plus additional 7kg for hand carry bag. And yes, I don't know how to pack light that is why I'd always choose PAL.

      3. Ease of Check-in and boarding
  • Let's be honest, long queues in check-in counters and boarding gates are the worst especially when you're trying to catch your flight on time. Which most likely happens here in Manila due to unpredictable traffic in the metro. But with my experience with PAL, it was so easy! Check-in procedures are smooth and there are no long queues. As for boarding, they are very organized, I may say.

      4. Comfortable Seats
  • Their seats are also their winning features! They have spacious leg rooms as compared to other airlines. Also, their seats doesn't feel like "bus" seats, you can actually recline and sit comfortably during the trip.

      5. Flag Carrier
  • This has always been one of the reasons why I love PAL: being associated as the country's flag carrier means that they have to go beyond and exceed the quality and standard that is expected in an airline. PAL has always been representing our country in a very sophisticated manner and, it's just one of the small things that makes me feel proud to be a Filipino.

Most of us would usually go for what's the cheapest when it comes to airfares but if we would just weigh in the quality of service, the safety and security that we are getting in return of a certain price, maybe by then people would start to go for something they truly deserve. As what the others may say, 'why would you settle for less, if you've already tried the best.'