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#ClayYourWay with L'Oréal clay mask!

One afternoon, I spent a relaxing and masking quality time with other bloggers. During the event, were able to witness the unmasking of L'Oréal's new product! Yes, our favorite beauty line is now offering L'Oréal Skincare which includes their new Clay Mask.

The even was so fun-filled; it was full of laughter as we enjoy the sorority part vibes of the event. We were treated like princesses with matching massages and guess what, our creativity skills were also tested during that day, let's talk about making DIY flower crowns and bedazzling sleeping mask on our own styles!

The highlight of the event is when the other blogger got to experience the masks during the event. I wasn't able to do it as I still do have errands that day and I did bring any make up on to touch up my face. But, I did try it when I got home. As of now, I'm religious following my skincare routine every week.

On Mondays, I always make it to a point that I put on my Hydration + Anti Pores masks. Yes, this masks will enable you to do multi-masking - wherein you can use different variations of face masks onto your face. This habit is one of my faves because it makes my skin so refreshed from all the activities that I did during the weekend. Their hydration mask is my holy grail - it makes your skin extra fresh and ready for the week!

On Thursdays or Fridays (whichever day am I available), I use my down time to put on the Illuminationg + Anti-Pores Mask. The illuminating masks will give you the glow that your skin needs to shed out all the stress you have accumulated during the weekdays and gets you prepared for your weekend shenanigans.

Don't miss out try the three newest addition to L'Oréal's beauty line. Have you heard that they are exclusively available at Lazada.ph for only Php 399! Pure clay mask - DETOXIFY will be out in stores soon!

Oxygen x Bieber Merch | LIT AF!!

I won't deny, I am a BELIEBER since I heard One Time way back when I was a Sophomore. I graduated Highschool and College singing and partying to the songs of BIEBER, and I know you guys do too especially with his new music! 

Justin Bieber has becoming bigger and bigger each year and for the first time, global Filipino fashion brand Oxygen and Bieber has teamed up to drop his latest exclusive streetwear collection that has already caught the attention of street style fans, Belieber or not. ;)

The Oxygen x Bieber Collection is composed of cool graphic tees, pullovers, bomber jackets, caps, and hoodies that take heavy inspiration from the pop star himself and his hit album, Purpose.

The collection is a licensed merchandise in partnership with Bravado and MCAA Universal.

UPDATE: I know we are all saddened with the news. Purpose Tour 2017 will not push not as Bieber decided to cancel out all of his remaining shows. But, this wouldn't stop us to purchase and hoard the latest Bieber Merch that Oxygen has brought to us, yes?! ;)
For updates on the Oxygen X Bieber collection, visit oxygenfashion.com, Like Oxygen Clothing on facebook or Follow @oxygenclothing on Instagram and Twitter.