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Realest thoughts

T H O U G H T S.

Half way through the year, time really flies fast eh? I've been seizing every moment everyday. And honestly, I appreciated my life even more. I can finally say that I've been growing especially these past months. I started to stand on my own, tried to be more independent as much as possible. I was even surprised that it's good to be alone and I love my own company more than anyone else.

Most of my close friends even started to ask me how am I doing and if I am okay since they know that I'm on my phone and social media most of the time. Honestly, I started to cut off a lot of people and stayed away from social media (except for Instagram, ofc!) I would probably just post like one photo and turn my phone off or just leave it for hours. I gave my self like 30 minutes time every night to check my Instagram then back on switching my phone to airplane mode and would just really use my phone for Spotify. I took off my sim card to make me unreachable at some point. I didn't dare to open my Facebook and Messenger for days and was on the edge on deleting the apps! HAHAHA! It's probably petty for others but it felt good for me.

I started to invest on myself and the people 
who invest on me. Never did I expect there are really bunch of real friends who reached out to me. But there are few ones that I know who would really ride or die with me. No worries, I'm okay and I'm doing so much better than before. I am still the walking sunshine that everybody knows. My heart is still pure and intact, I am still as genuine as I am and no one can ever change that about me. ;)

I am just minding my own business, doing good for myself and staying focused on my goals. This time, I would always put myself first before others.

Dress: Unarosa Fashion | Hat: Forever 21 | Heels: Hue Manila