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Postcard xx

N O T E :   N  O T     M  Y     U  S  U  A  L      K  I  N  D     O  F        P  O  S  T.

My life is always on fast paced and everything is always a blur. There are some days, and nights that I can vividly remember but most of the time – everything is just passing by. Stolen times with blurred out memories.

Sometimes I even question myself if I am living my life right. It seems like I do but with all honesty, I am just as lost as you are. Happy-go-lucky as they may say but I am just living my life, basically. And most of the time, I can’t keep up.


I feel alive but I also feel that I am good as dead; because without any purpose you’ll feel lost. Still finding my way in my own pace …

Jacket: H&M | Crop top & Pants: Forever 21 |Shoes: Nakd Fashion