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New Food Park in SAN JUAN!

You guys probably know how much I love to eat and to visit the newest food parks in the Metro! Honestly speaking, these food parks are really great spots to dine and to bond with family and friends. There's no doubt that Filipinos do love to spend quality time with their love ones through food! 

(Photo of: La Vida Lokal)

Just recently, one of the newest food park just sprouted in San Juan City! I have to say that I've been waiting for this to happen a couple of months back. Food parks are always around Marikina and Quezon City areas which are quite far from our place. I don't want to bias tho since I live in San Juan, I was really hopping that food parks would step up their game in our neighborhood. Wish granted for me when Juan Kalye 1 Abad Santos finally came!

With modern aesthetics, it is definitely inviting to visit the place but what's great about Kalye 1 Abad Santos is the wide range of food that they have  from Shawarma, Chicken wings, ramen, Bao and whole lot more. Just for you guys to know, never miss out San JuaneƱos' all time favorite, Mala Tang! They got the best Chinese food in town! See photos below for your own pleasure! ;)

  BBQ SHACK                   CARNIVORE
  YASU                           BAO PLS
 EL BIGOTILYO                 AFU'S
      BAO PLS                  MALATANG