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Broken Mirror (Reaction & Review)

Love and hate relationship is very evident with me and books as I'm not into reading books that much. Don't get me wrong, I did read few good books for leisure time during summer or school break. But most often than not, I just read basically because it is a school requirement.

As weird as it may sound, I hate reading books because I hate endings. But, I'm the kind of person who will try to finish a book in one sitting or as soon as I can because I hate feeling dumbfounded of what to happen next on the story. I hate endings because every time I read a book, it makes me feel like I am trapped as if I am also part of the book. Endings are always leaving me hanging because I want to know what is going happen to the characters as if they are real people. It will take me days to get over it, really.

As soon as I got the time to read this book, I made sure to finish it as soon as I can. Having 37 chapters in total, it took me about 2-3 days to finish it since I also have work and other tasks to do. That number of chapters didn't stop me to know the story of Aurora. Honestly, all I can say is I salute this woman for her bravery; putting her life into scribbles and make it literally an open book is one hell an act of bravery. The book broke my heart hundred times as I can't imagine a young girl being so clueless in this cruel world, without a mom or parents to guide her. Childhood must be filled with ease and good memories not on her case. She's been raped, maltreated by her step-mom, abused by her innocence. From being a helpless girl without anyone to turn to she became a woman without a voice, trapped in broken marriage. Stepped on, raped, battered by his husband who is fond of having mistresses, that's what she experienced all throughout her life. She's in pain and struggles most of the time and only got a few good chance of being happy on their early married life.

My sympathy goes to Aurora. No person living in this world should experience such cruelty. She opened my eyes to the dark side of life, that these stuff is really happening to one person or a hundred or a thousand. Probably, it was so hard for me to accept since life has been fair and really good to me. But her story, made me think twice of my "so-called-problems" are really even real problems. It was not close enough to the problems that she encountered and it is far by most stupidest problems that I can fathom after I read her story. But one thing that I will continue to live on is the unshakable hope that she gave me. The ending of the book opened up to a new Aurora, a strong woman who can kiss her bitter past goodbye as she welcome her sweet new journey in life. I told to myself. "If she surpassed all the cruelty she experienced in life, I am ready to continue my journey." 

Want to know the whole story of Aurora?

This book is a real life story of Ms. Aurora Teo Mei Ling
written by her self along side with her good friend,
Ms. Coylee Gamboa. 

My rules, my style.

As a blogger, you don't just write stuff and share it online. You also play a big role by being a brand partner and by that, you will attend different events from time to time. And last week, I was able to attend Moodboard Manila's Interiors and Lifestyle event with Cat Arambulo. Nope, I'm not going to share what happened on the said event but, I'd love to share what I wore that day and incorporated it on the learnings that I got from the event.

One thing that you have to prepare for the event is your outfit. Your outfit is not just merely clothes but these clothes are who you are. How you pull off an entire outfit by picking out your top, your bottoms, shoes and accessories are definitely merely reflection of you. As a fashion blogger for over a year, I've been discovering my inner style and I'm glad to share with you guys that I'm really into classic and structured pieces. 

White long sleeves polo

I opted to wear a white polo from She In, one of my favorite online stores. This longsleeves polo is not just your basic white polo because it has red lips prints that makes it unique and stands out from the rest. A black ripped jeans to balance my outfit from being too classy and make it a bit casual since I paired them with a classic black blocked heels.

Nevertheless, this one whole outfit won't just stop from being an outfit. The color palette, the styles and whatnot are the things that makes me. These are the same factors that I consider when it comes to home decors and interiors as what I have learned from Moodboard Manila. It's just so fascinating to know that the border of your fashion taste is limitless.

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit!

Giveaway: L'oreal Gold Obsession

January just passed by in an instant! We're down to the love month and I know we are all excited about it! Speaking of love month, what are your plans for Valentine's Day? I bet all the girls would love to look as good as they can to be an eye candy. So, if you guys are planning for your look for your date night, I would gladly share my newest secret to you guys!

L'oreal just recently launched their Gold Obsession collection and it's available at Lazada. And I'm getting the first dibs since they have an on going promo of 25% off until February 3!

Honestly, this is perfect for girls who would like to do a full make up or girls who just want a simple look. Without any make up on, just a one swipe with any of these lipsticks and you're good to go! Gold Obsession has 4 new rich colored lipsticks that would fit to all women - Le Gold, Mocha Gold, Rouge Gold and Rose Gold.

Look at those swatches! 
Top to bottom: Le Gold, Mocha Gold, Rouge Gold and Rose Gold.

Le Gold - to highlight your lips with gold.
Mocha Gold to complement Morena skin tones.
Rogue Gold for women who has medium skin tones.
Rose Gold for fair skinned women.

I super duper love the packaging of these collection! It screams classy! These lipsticks are definitely game changer for make up lovers. I am in all support to all Morena girls out there that's why I opted for this look and used Le Gold and topped off with Mocha Gold. I'd love to share this experience to my one lucky follower. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps to win your own Gold Obsession collection!

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Good luck, ladies!