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Taters & Cheetos Snack Fest


We're starting the year with a big Cheetofied bang! Taters Cheetos Snack Fest is going to be the craziest, crunchiest and cheesiest snack party yet - launched recently at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati.

Cheetos and Taters are decades-old purveyors of American snacks; Cheetos being a household name in cheese snacks and Taters being the authority on cinema snacks in the country since 1994. With Cheetos' iconic color and flavor and Taters' unmistakable affinity to entertainment, the Cheetos lovers alike with a selection of "Cheetofied" snacks perfect for watching in the cinema, as series-binging companion or as an anytime snack.

Others have launched similar products but Taters is the first in Asia to launch a snack fest featuring not only one, but five Cheetofied products:
- CRUNCH N' POP is an exciting combination of Cheetos-Flavored Superpop and Cheetos Crunchy
- CRUNCHY OVERLOAD is crunch after crunch of Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips
- CHEETOS CHIK-A-CHIPS is a dangerously cheesy mix of chicken fingers, Cheetos Crunchy, Cheetos Tater Chips, and comes with Cheetos Dip for an undeniably cheesy experience.
- CHEETOS FISH N' CHIPS is a cheesified version of the signature snack classic - It comes with juicy fish fillets, Cheetos Crunchy, Cheetos Tater Chips and Cheetos Dip
- CHEETOS BBQ CRUNCH DOG is a flavor explosion in a bun that consist of a Beef Hotdog topped with Coney Island Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cheetos Dressing, Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips, and topped-off with Cheetos Crunchy

The cheesy fun doesn't stop in Taters stores because the Cheetos Snack Fest has loads of surprises on Taters' Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure to go online and follow them (@taters.snackleague) - they're giving away VIP passes, Chester Plushies, and prizes galore!

What are you waiting for? Come live the dangerously cheesy life with Taters and Cheetos! Promo is on limited-run from January 25 to May 15, 2017!