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Start your year right with Nailandia!

How to start the year right? We all do deserve to have some pampering sesh after all the holiday madness that we went through. From never ending shopping, gift wrapping and eating. (No need to deny it, we all did pig out during the holidays! :P) I bet you guys wanted to unwind and relax even just for a little bit and I have the perfect spot for you and your loved ones, of course! 
So here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit the Nailandia E. Rodriguez branch:

You will get more than what you paid for! Their nail technicians and staffs are well trained and very accommodating. I'd recommend this nail salon because I experience it first hand. The staff you did my hand paraffin wax was so careful and she even gave me a heads up on the process and how hot will be the wax is. I also tried their manicure & pedicure foot spa and hand paraffin wax and all I can say is my feet and hands felt so good after. You'll get the services that you want.

Have you seen a nail salon with spa services? Like legit massage services with rooms wherein you can lay all you want and get the relaxation you deserved! Well, you can also find it at Nailandia E. Rodriguez. Not only that, they also offer waxing services for both men and women! So if you're planning to book your nail appointment, eyebrow waxing treatment and massage services, you know where to go!

Sorry for the bad pun! HAHAHA! I mean who says that mani & pedi are just for women? Plus aren't you guys tired of waiting for your girlfriend or wife to finish their nail appointment? Men need them too and Nailandia do have specialized mani & pedi just for men. For women, you and your hubby or boyfie can now "date" in a different way!

Let's be honest, it's one of the hardest decisions in girls' life! But thanks to Nailandia because they have wide variety of colors and brands for nail polish. You can choose from Essie, Orly, Zoya and Pixie Dust! (And if you often go to nail salons, most of them require additional charges if you use imported nail polishes but Nailandia got our backs because they are all included in the manicure rate except from Pixie Dust nail polish.) 

Pamper session is more than just the treatment and a good ambiance is a must for us to achieve the pamper that we deserve. Nailandia E. Rodriguez branch is the most Instgrammable nail salon that I've ever been to! They did take an effort to please the eyes of the customers as soon as they entered the salon. Also, the salon's color scheme gravitates on blue, white and green, not the typical girly colors that you can see in nail salons because they aim to cater both men and women. 

The list goes on, I promise! There are still so many good things that you will experience once you book your appointment at Nailandia E. Rodriguez. Just to give you guys a heads up, there is a secret passageway going to Potato Corner so don't be surprised!

I know, Potato Corner is life! Enjoy your "Buhay Don and Donya" as you binge in with your fries while getting yourself pampered at Nailandia E. Rodriguez!

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