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She In Top Picks and discounts! ;)

Hey there! I'm guessing you're also into online shopping that's why you're here? :)  Honestly, online shopping is very addicting. As for my case, I usually just go to shein.com and gloriously browsing their website for hours and most of the time, I literally wanted the items to pop out of my screen!

I just want to share my top picks from She In that you could use as reference whenever you'll go online shopping in the near future. Read the blog until the end to get huge discounts!

I'm really into wearing ripped jeans nowadays. Even if I already have several pairs on my closet, I'm still eyeing on this one because of the floral embroidery accent on the side. It's perfect for street style or even for chic outfits!


Slides and miles made a really huge comeback at the end of 2016 and I got my eyes hooked on this pair! The pearl embellishment of this mules added an extra oomph from its classic black design.


I bet you guys also have seen the comeback of fishnet stockings! But, since wearing fishnet stockings is really not my style. I still want to give the trend a try but by using these socks. It's perfect when you're wearing shorts and kicks.


It's the first that I saw an off shoulder bomber jacket and I'm screaming inside!


This super cute clutch bag is to die for. Honestly, with the pink glitter accent and shiny clasp is so classy but with its pill shade and chill pill word, it's just 100x rad! ;)

So if you guys, liked anything of these items, just click the link below the images.
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