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Rusty hair no more!

Before I bid 2016 goodbye, I tried to make a switch from rusty (near orangey hair color) to au natural brown! It's been years since I had my hair last colored before  making drastic changes last year.

It was late September when I kissed my long locks goodbye and decided to get my hair colored. But, since my hair was 'too black', the hairstylist decided to bleach my hair. Nevertheless, it was all good but it didn't last that long.

My hair grew out fast and my roots hair color started to show off. I never thought that maintaining colored hair was that hard. I was very hesitant to dye my hair again because it was just a couple of months since I got my hair colored. Buuut, my kinakalawang haircolor pisses me off everytime I look in the mirror. HAHAHA! I decided to give Sampleroom's newest product, SHADES!

This product is worth every peso! I thought that it would dried out my hair since it will be my second time to dye my hair and in a span of two months but it proved me wrong. Besides the awesome complete packaging (yeeees! It has all the tools that I need for DIY hair color), this product saved my hair from its "jeje" hair color.

To girls who wants to change their hair color but quite hesitant to do it, this product is perfect for you. It's safe and budget friendly! You can purchase it at www.sampleroom.com!
New Year, New Hair, New you! :)