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Double Up The 2017 Trends!

90's fashion had a major comeback last 2016 and we absolutely love it! As a 90's kid, I am totally delighted how these fashion comeback gives me nostalgia as how I used to wear it back then as opposed as how I wear it in today's era.

In the long lists of the said major fashion comeback from last year, velvets and pleats are said to be bigger this 2017. I bet you guys already noticed these fashion pieces online and in stores. 

Just right in time as I checked my closet and decided to mix and match my fresh pick from She In and a not so old top from Unarosa. Just a tip to all fashionistas out there, trends are trends — one day they're in and the next day, they're out. Yes, they just come and go! If you're curious to try on a trend, pick one that closely relates to the clothes you currently own. Also, try to invest on trendy pieces that could somehow last a little longer than it should. *wink*