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Taters & Cheetos Snack Fest


We're starting the year with a big Cheetofied bang! Taters Cheetos Snack Fest is going to be the craziest, crunchiest and cheesiest snack party yet - launched recently at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati.

Cheetos and Taters are decades-old purveyors of American snacks; Cheetos being a household name in cheese snacks and Taters being the authority on cinema snacks in the country since 1994. With Cheetos' iconic color and flavor and Taters' unmistakable affinity to entertainment, the Cheetos lovers alike with a selection of "Cheetofied" snacks perfect for watching in the cinema, as series-binging companion or as an anytime snack.

Others have launched similar products but Taters is the first in Asia to launch a snack fest featuring not only one, but five Cheetofied products:
- CRUNCH N' POP is an exciting combination of Cheetos-Flavored Superpop and Cheetos Crunchy
- CRUNCHY OVERLOAD is crunch after crunch of Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips
- CHEETOS CHIK-A-CHIPS is a dangerously cheesy mix of chicken fingers, Cheetos Crunchy, Cheetos Tater Chips, and comes with Cheetos Dip for an undeniably cheesy experience.
- CHEETOS FISH N' CHIPS is a cheesified version of the signature snack classic - It comes with juicy fish fillets, Cheetos Crunchy, Cheetos Tater Chips and Cheetos Dip
- CHEETOS BBQ CRUNCH DOG is a flavor explosion in a bun that consist of a Beef Hotdog topped with Coney Island Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cheetos Dressing, Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips, and topped-off with Cheetos Crunchy

The cheesy fun doesn't stop in Taters stores because the Cheetos Snack Fest has loads of surprises on Taters' Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure to go online and follow them (@taters.snackleague) - they're giving away VIP passes, Chester Plushies, and prizes galore!

What are you waiting for? Come live the dangerously cheesy life with Taters and Cheetos! Promo is on limited-run from January 25 to May 15, 2017!

Review: Mary Kay Botanical Effects

2017 promises a “Super Fresh” start for all of us. I would gladly say that I have started the year with a clean face and fresh start as I started using Mary Kay’s newest skincare product line: Botanical Effects Evolution earlier this month. I'm really glad that I made the switch from my old facial cleanser.

Honestly, I've always wanted to start my skin care routine since last year but I'm one those lazy girls who are just contented with makeup remover and facial cleanser. But, Mary Kay's Botanical Effects facial wash and moisturizer changed my views and upgraded my skin care regimens.

Before, I just usually wash my face in the morning and at night before going to bed. But, there are some instances that I do wash my face as I arrived home from work or from event and/or whatnot. AND THAT'S IT. Yes, I don't use any moisturizes, sunscreen or night creams to help my skin. But then again, I'm not getting any younger anymore and I should really start investing on good skincare. 

Let the reviews started!
DISCLAIMER: Products were given to me by Saladbox and Mary Kay cosmetics.
Nevertheless, ratings and reviews are all my honest opinion and observation based on personal experience.

First off with Saladbox! Their monthly subscription is worth Php 1,800 and all I can say is I'm getting high quality products for such price. I'm on my second box and what they have been sending me are all Mary Kay products which I know costs more than Php 1,800. So is it worth it? For me, HELL YES! They have really good products for your needs. They also deliver it on time. I did get my December and January boxes on time!

Second, the all-new Botanical Effects Evolution. The January box of Saladbox has 2 full size products of Mary Kay Botanical Effects Evolution: Cleansing Gel and Moisturizing Gel.All products from the line are infused with Dragon Fruit and Aloe extracts which are great antioxidants. As for my experience, I do guarantee a fresh effect on the skin. Both the moisturizer and cleansing gel come in very nice packaging which are refreshingly simple, uncomplicated, and easy-to-use. What I noticed after 2-3 weeks of using these products everyday, my skin feels softer and I did not experience any breakout while using it. I also love the citrus scent because it gives the extra freshness that I look for from products.

I have a sensitive skin and I do get breakouts whenever I try different products on my skin. But this one is an exception. When I read the label and there's the word "non-comedogenic, I feel so assured that these products will leave no harm on my skin. If I'd rate these products, I'd give them a 9.5 out of 10! 

Lastly, every subscriber will receive a full size product of Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil which I super love! It is easy to blend and easy to use. It's like a gel brow pomade but comes in pencil form. Yes, that's how good this product is. But on the sad end, it doesn't have any spooly or brush to blend it. As for my rating, I'd give it an 8 out of 10.

It is a great deal for Saladbox to offer their customers products they can use in their busy lifestyles, a perfect way to start their day off right with skincare products that keep things simple.

Not a Saladbox subscriber yet?
For more details, please visit www.saladbox.ph
and join now to receive best beauty and lifestyle products in town!
Don't forget to use my code: "DHENCAYABYAB" to get 10% off!

She In Top Picks and discounts! ;)

Hey there! I'm guessing you're also into online shopping that's why you're here? :)  Honestly, online shopping is very addicting. As for my case, I usually just go to shein.com and gloriously browsing their website for hours and most of the time, I literally wanted the items to pop out of my screen!

I just want to share my top picks from She In that you could use as reference whenever you'll go online shopping in the near future. Read the blog until the end to get huge discounts!

I'm really into wearing ripped jeans nowadays. Even if I already have several pairs on my closet, I'm still eyeing on this one because of the floral embroidery accent on the side. It's perfect for street style or even for chic outfits!


Slides and miles made a really huge comeback at the end of 2016 and I got my eyes hooked on this pair! The pearl embellishment of this mules added an extra oomph from its classic black design.


I bet you guys also have seen the comeback of fishnet stockings! But, since wearing fishnet stockings is really not my style. I still want to give the trend a try but by using these socks. It's perfect when you're wearing shorts and kicks.


It's the first that I saw an off shoulder bomber jacket and I'm screaming inside!


This super cute clutch bag is to die for. Honestly, with the pink glitter accent and shiny clasp is so classy but with its pill shade and chill pill word, it's just 100x rad! ;)

So if you guys, liked anything of these items, just click the link below the images.
Also, you may use this codes for huge discounts at shein.com

US $5 off ORDERS US $55
US $15 off ORDERS US $105
US $40 off ORDERS US $200

Use these codes:

Unboxing my BDJ Box!

Hey beautiful bellas and future bellas! Every teen girls probably know about Belle de Jour for their infamous chic planners with lots of Bella Perks. But, did you guys know that they also have a Belle de Jour box? If you're like me who just recently discovered their BDJ Box then keep on reading to know what's in store for you when you purchase a BDJ Box.

I was lucky enough to be on time with their BDJ Elite Box and I got mine last December. Honestly, I was in shock when I opened their box. Mind you, the box is not that big but they managed to put 15 products of Céleteque Dermo Cosmetics. I have checked the products in stores and the total would be Php 9,071 but you can get it for only Php 3,750 if you purchased the BDJ Box.

Here are the items that I got and their store prices.
You can still get these products at www.bdjbox.com

Hydration Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist - Php 150
Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil - Php 249
CC Micorhydrating Powder (Classic Natural) - Php 930
24-Hour Photoready Matte Primer -Php 825

Longwear Eyeshadow Palette - Php 725/each
(Warm Brown Palette, Smokey Grey Palette and Pink Orchid)

2-in-1 Eyebag Miracle Kit (Natural) - Php 745

Ultra Nourishing Lip Lacquer - Php 645
(Natural Nude,Soft Pink,Velvet Red)

Moisturizing Lip and Cheek Duo - Php 665
(Rosy Blush and Soft Berry)

Eyebrow Defining Kit - Php 600
(Dark Brown and Medium Brown)

The featured products for BDJ Box changes every month but I assure you guys that you will get more than what you paid for and that's what I love about BDJ Boxes! ;)
Don't forget to check out www.bdjbox.com to see their featured products every month!

Start your year right with Nailandia!

How to start the year right? We all do deserve to have some pampering sesh after all the holiday madness that we went through. From never ending shopping, gift wrapping and eating. (No need to deny it, we all did pig out during the holidays! :P) I bet you guys wanted to unwind and relax even just for a little bit and I have the perfect spot for you and your loved ones, of course! 
So here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit the Nailandia E. Rodriguez branch:

You will get more than what you paid for! Their nail technicians and staffs are well trained and very accommodating. I'd recommend this nail salon because I experience it first hand. The staff you did my hand paraffin wax was so careful and she even gave me a heads up on the process and how hot will be the wax is. I also tried their manicure & pedicure foot spa and hand paraffin wax and all I can say is my feet and hands felt so good after. You'll get the services that you want.

Have you seen a nail salon with spa services? Like legit massage services with rooms wherein you can lay all you want and get the relaxation you deserved! Well, you can also find it at Nailandia E. Rodriguez. Not only that, they also offer waxing services for both men and women! So if you're planning to book your nail appointment, eyebrow waxing treatment and massage services, you know where to go!

Sorry for the bad pun! HAHAHA! I mean who says that mani & pedi are just for women? Plus aren't you guys tired of waiting for your girlfriend or wife to finish their nail appointment? Men need them too and Nailandia do have specialized mani & pedi just for men. For women, you and your hubby or boyfie can now "date" in a different way!

Let's be honest, it's one of the hardest decisions in girls' life! But thanks to Nailandia because they have wide variety of colors and brands for nail polish. You can choose from Essie, Orly, Zoya and Pixie Dust! (And if you often go to nail salons, most of them require additional charges if you use imported nail polishes but Nailandia got our backs because they are all included in the manicure rate except from Pixie Dust nail polish.) 

Pamper session is more than just the treatment and a good ambiance is a must for us to achieve the pamper that we deserve. Nailandia E. Rodriguez branch is the most Instgrammable nail salon that I've ever been to! They did take an effort to please the eyes of the customers as soon as they entered the salon. Also, the salon's color scheme gravitates on blue, white and green, not the typical girly colors that you can see in nail salons because they aim to cater both men and women. 

The list goes on, I promise! There are still so many good things that you will experience once you book your appointment at Nailandia E. Rodriguez. Just to give you guys a heads up, there is a secret passageway going to Potato Corner so don't be surprised!

I know, Potato Corner is life! Enjoy your "Buhay Don and Donya" as you binge in with your fries while getting yourself pampered at Nailandia E. Rodriguez!

You can reach Nailandia E. Rodriguez at

Rusty hair no more!

Before I bid 2016 goodbye, I tried to make a switch from rusty (near orangey hair color) to au natural brown! It's been years since I had my hair last colored before  making drastic changes last year.

It was late September when I kissed my long locks goodbye and decided to get my hair colored. But, since my hair was 'too black', the hairstylist decided to bleach my hair. Nevertheless, it was all good but it didn't last that long.

My hair grew out fast and my roots hair color started to show off. I never thought that maintaining colored hair was that hard. I was very hesitant to dye my hair again because it was just a couple of months since I got my hair colored. Buuut, my kinakalawang haircolor pisses me off everytime I look in the mirror. HAHAHA! I decided to give Sampleroom's newest product, SHADES!

This product is worth every peso! I thought that it would dried out my hair since it will be my second time to dye my hair and in a span of two months but it proved me wrong. Besides the awesome complete packaging (yeeees! It has all the tools that I need for DIY hair color), this product saved my hair from its "jeje" hair color.

To girls who wants to change their hair color but quite hesitant to do it, this product is perfect for you. It's safe and budget friendly! You can purchase it at www.sampleroom.com!
New Year, New Hair, New you! :)

Double Up The 2017 Trends!

90's fashion had a major comeback last 2016 and we absolutely love it! As a 90's kid, I am totally delighted how these fashion comeback gives me nostalgia as how I used to wear it back then as opposed as how I wear it in today's era.

In the long lists of the said major fashion comeback from last year, velvets and pleats are said to be bigger this 2017. I bet you guys already noticed these fashion pieces online and in stores. 

Just right in time as I checked my closet and decided to mix and match my fresh pick from She In and a not so old top from Unarosa. Just a tip to all fashionistas out there, trends are trends — one day they're in and the next day, they're out. Yes, they just come and go! If you're curious to try on a trend, pick one that closely relates to the clothes you currently own. Also, try to invest on trendy pieces that could somehow last a little longer than it should. *wink*