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Wander with Passion, Travel with Wrangler!

I consider myself a person with wanderlust gene. I have to admit that I am delighted when it comes to airport, airplane rides, searching for top 10 places to visit in a certain country or place, packing stuff and buying souvenir items as a remembrance of the places that I went to. There's something about travelling that makes me feel complete and transforms me as a new person. Being exposed to travelling at a young age, I have to say that experiencing things first hand is the best way to learn in life and the best way to reminisce them is by looking back to a travel journal or a personal diary.

At last! An all-in-one planner that can be a personal diary and a travel journal was launched by Wrangler last 17th of November at Highlands Prime Steakhouse, Estancia! In collaboration with Belle de Jour, Wrangler have come up with rustic designed planner.  As what Wrangler has envisioned, this particular planner is your perfect travelling buddy by sharing your your travel experiences or even your everyday stories in life in a more intimate way.

Nevertheless, the event was full of fun-filled experiences with my co-influencers. *Cringe!!*
See more photos below!

With Hazel, Claudine and Gion


Wrangler has always been about the journey, about finding inspiration on your travels. 
Get your own  lightweight and refillable 2017 Travel Planner for FREE 
with a minimum purchase of Php 4,000 on a single receipt. 
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