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Maybelline Haul from Lazada!

I am one of those girls who wears makeup from time to time —  at school, work, event and whatnot. As for regular days wherein I just have to look presentable, I always go for a natural look or the no-makeup makeup look. And honestly, my favorite go-to brand for my go-to look is Maybelline! This drugstore makeup brand has saved me from splurging on high-end products since they have dupes for almost every high-end makeup products that I have. Hypercurl Mascara, Creamy Mattes lipstick in Nude shade and Micellar Water are my top picks for their brand.

Obviously, I've been hoarding this Hypercurl Mascara because I always make sure that I have it in my bag, makeup kit and at home. I know, it sounds crazy! But, as for me, this is one of my holy grail products. It gives my lashes the lift it deserves and curl that it needs. 

As for the Creamy Mattes lipsticks, I got myself a brown shade that would suits my sun-kissed skin. I just recently tried this one and I fell inlove with it. It lasted more than the time I expected plus it is very pigmented and gives you a smooth texture finish!

The newest addition for Maybelline skincare is their Micellar water and I got myself my own bottle as soon as they released it on the market. My first bottle is almost empty but it lasted a few good months for me. My skin is very sensitive and I do get breakouts easily and this product has been saving me from acne since I tried it. But, after removing all the makeup, dirt and oil residue on my face, I always make sure to wash my face with cleanser.

Also, included from my Lazada haul is this Tresseme shampoo and conditioner that I brought with me during my Boracay trip. I am an avid user of Tresseme because it leaves my tresses smooth and healthy! I don't really brush my hair. I just finger combed it have it air dried all thanks to Tresseme's help!

Know more about these products down below and how to score them on sale for Lazada Online Revolution!

#MAKEYOUREYESCOMEALIVE with Volum’ Express Hypercurl by Maybelline New York

Now is the perfect time to achieve fresh and natural looking lashes with Volum’ Express Hypercurlmascara by Maybelline New York.


“Every girl would want to look and feel good all throughout the day. However, with the hustle and bustle of city life,being tired and sleepy can’t be helped and your eyes can actually say it all.  But fret not!  With just a few flicks of Volum’ Express Hypercurl mascara, keep your face from looking drained. Make your eyes come alive. Make people go wow.”

Created with a lightweight volumizing black-gel formula,Volum’ Express Hypercurl has proven to be every girl’s go-to product for astill-fresh-under-stress look that will certainly make others go wow. What’s to love about Hypercurl? It gives curl and volume that can last for up to 24 hours and getsyou no irritations and smudges. Now, every girl can stand up to the test of covering stress with Hypercurl. Say no to stressed-looking days with Volum’ Express Hypercurl mascara by Maybelline New York. 

Hypercurl is on sale at 30% Off or only P139 (from P199) in Lazada Online Revolution. Make sure to grab one starting 11/11! #Makeyoureyescomealive #Maybellineph #Makeithappen #LZDOnlineRevolution

#CRAZYOVERCREAMYMATTES AND #BROWNNUDES from Color Sensational by Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York brought the ‘holy grail’ of accessible matte lipsticks to our shores,
and you’ll surely go crazy for its sensational colors, texture, and long-lasting coverage.

“We’ve specifically handpicked the best shades from the US for Filipinas to enjoy the best color in our creamiest matte lipsticks at a very affordable price. From ravishing reds to vivacious violet, have fun with matte color without having to stress about flaking or drying your lips!”

What started last year as a hot trend in lipsticks for both runway and magazines became a staple must-have for every woman around the world. Women have learned to love and prefer matte lipsticks for their every day wear. And their best choice? The creamiest of them all, most comfortable lipstick you could ever have, that comes in matte perfection with just one swipe – the newest Creamy Mattes from Maybelline’s power lip franchise, Color Sensational.

With its long-lasting coverage, ultra-pigmentation and nourishing honey nectar ingredient, Creamy Mattes got the perfect combination of essentials that women love: color, coverage and care. Available in 15 ultra-stunning and mega-matte shades, choose the most sensational color that that can even match the performance of your current luxe lippie!

Slip into the creamiest mattes and make colorful holidays happen with Creamy Mattes from Color Sensational by Maybelline New York. 

These global best –selling matte lippies will be on sale at 50% in the upcoming Lazada Online Revolution. Make sure to collect ‘em all starting 11/11! #Crazyovercreamymattes #Brownnudes#Maybellineph #Makeithappen #LZDOnlineRevolution

with Micellar Water by Maybelline New York
Maybelline New York gives us more reasons to love our skin!  Faced with every day’s challenge, a go-getter like you need toend your day with the best beauty cleansing your skin deserves!

Welcome the newest off-with-makeup and on-to-skincare solution for all Filipinas – Micellar Water. The newest Micellar Water is made of water and gentle microscopic oil molecules that offers a 4-in-1 solution. 

Remove makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturize your face in one easy step. Unlike other regular astringents in the market that give you a stinging feeling, experience beauty cleansing at its best as Micellar Water is very gentle on skin, it fits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Plus, you can get this 200ml bottle at a very affordable price at only P199Go ahead and make your beautiful dreams happen!

Get the Micellar Water from Maybelline New York at 30% or only P139 (from P199) in the upcoming Lazada Online Revolution. #Miraclewater#Maybellineph #Makeithappen #LZDOnlineRevolution

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