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Denim and black affair with Fran Moda!♡

As what they say, trends may come and go but classics are always here to stay. Denim has always been a versatile and a classic piece in fashion; whether it be a vest, jacket, pants or a skirt, denim always save us for a casual look. Nevertheless, denim could go with almost everything and so is the color black. Black is probably one of my favorite color when it comes to fashion pieces. Whenever I pick out something from the store, if it is available in the said color, I'd definitely go with it. 

I never limit myself when it comes to the clothes that I wear. I usually just pull out and try to mix and match the clothes that I have to make it look as good as new or as if I never wore it. But reality is, most of my clothes have been stuck in my closet for a year or two. HAHAHA!

I love every detail of this top because it is so girly and not so girly at the same time. The sabrina cut and blue floral details made it look feminine but the black and white stripes details made it look a little bit edgy. And believe it or not, it was a really good steal since it only costs Php 200-ish. (I'm not sure how much is it exactly since I bought it two years ago. :P) Paired with it is a classic A-line denim skirt from Forever 21! I'll spill the beans, it's actually from kids section. I know how it sounds embarrassing but hey, at least I have more options from clothes. *laughs*

A good set of clothes can be ruined by accessories, specifically the ones that can easily be seen! Always check if your clothes matches with your bag and shoes. I opted to go with my favorite black pieces from a posh online shop, FM Fran Moda

A structured bag is always a good option. It elevates your look from blab to fab!

A pair of black shoes is a must. But, a pair of black shoes with statement is essential.
And hey, when can a strappy doll shoes go wrong? ;)

Don't forget to check out FM Moda's social media account!
They have an on going free shipping promo for this month of December!

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