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11.11 Online Revolution haul from Lazada!

"BER" months has finally arrived; gone are the waiting games for colder season and hello to the busiest time of the year! We all have to agree that when BER season has arrived, everyone is becoming more busy than. People are so enticed to go to different bazaars, night markets, Christmas parties, get together and whatnot. 'Tis also the season wherein we look for Christmas gifts for our family, friends and lo and behold, inaanaks. ;)

As for me, having a day job while squeezing in some time for writing blogs and attending events, it's really hard for me to find time for shopping. I've been honestly wanting to get my Christmas gift lists done before November ends and I couldn't be anymore happier with Lazada's holiday 11.11 Online Revolution! It saved me from dragging myself going to malls, locating stores and finding gifts!

Since it is my first time trying out Lazada, I wanted to buy stuff for myself first. Nope, I am not selfish! HAHAHA! I just want to check first their quality of service and the quality of their items. And honestly, my experience with Lazada is probably the easiest thing I have encountered while online shopping and they have the lowest rates too! I can't help myself but to haul some good stuff for the holidays. HAHAHA!

I got myself a whole new outfit for Lazada's 11.Online Revolution. Yup!! That's the right way to score some of their hottest deals. I got a new dainty dress with feminine touch of color that is perfect for attending parties since it is casual and classy at the same time.

I am quite obsessed with nudes lately that's why I also got myself a bag that is almost matching with the color of the dress. I always opt for versatile pieces. This classic Mango nude bag is perfect as a go-to bag. It is simple, structured and very handy.

But for my footwear, I went back in my comfort zone   a pair of black flats! This one is irresistible because of its bedazzled accent that go a long way from day to night, from casual to chic! 

So, cheer up, buttercup! You can still get your chance to hoard some items from Lazada's 11.11 Online Revolution until 12.12! Head over to Lazada's website and score great deals like mine. I'll be hoarding new stuff again for my Christmas gifts and you should too!! Enjoy Lazada's biggest online sale and happy shopping!

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