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It's giveback time! #21DaysBeforeITurn21 ♡

Heyaaa! My 21st birthday will happen in 21 days. I'm just too grateful for all things that happened in my life and I think it's the best time to be selfless and time to give back to you guys!❤️ 

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6 Winners for It's Fran Moda!
3 winners of Amanda shoes style.
2 winners of Dakota bag.
1 winner of a bag and a shoe of her choice.

2 Winners for Nisa and Frank
The winners will choose their desired design from Nisa and Frank phone case collection.

1 Winner for Wella Professionals
A pouch with Eimi hair styling set.

1 Winner for Oh My Bag PH
A limited edition Madeleine handle wraps.

1 Winner for Althea Korea
A skin care product - Pore Jelly Pop.

1 Winner for Na-kd
One pair of army green booties.


and as a treat for my followers, you have the chance to win
KYLIE LIPKIT in shade of KOKO K.  ♡

Good luck to everyone and thank you for the brands for helping me out to make this possible.

Sharing my organic skincare ♡

            Investing on my skin rather than investing on make-up products has always been my mantra. Yes, you can splurge thousands of peso for make-ups but underneath those layers of foundation, lipsticks and mascara, is your skin still healthy? I have to admit that I am one of those girls who do wear make-up almost everyday. But then, at the end of the day, I always make sure that my face is clean and free from make-up, pollution and dirt.

              I do have a daily and weekly routine for my skin care. But as my skin care products, I only go for the natural way. I just only use honey mask to moisturize my skin and oatmeal scrub to exfoliate my skin, but it all changed since I found out about Wildleaf. This brand has let me step up on my skin care products.

                 Having a sensitive skin, I do get breakouts easily. Sometimes, I get just two to three pimples but there are also rare times that I would really have bad breakouts. Nevertheless, I was always very hesitant to try new products because I am afraid of the result of the product on me. I gave Wildleaf a try since their products are organic.

          The ReNu Anti Aging Formula supplements comes in three capsules per pack. I believe that you have to take it daily for 30 days to see visible results. As for my experience on the first two weeks of taking it, I can see how it made my skin glow and it also have lessen the blemishes on my chin. What I just don't like about this product is its smell. But, as for the results, I love the effect of this product on me.

        The Clay Mask is probably the least that I like from the three products that were given to me. It was quite hard to mix with water, so you really have to take time mixing the powder so it won’t clump. It really feels good as you apply it since the mixtures easily glides on your skin. Ideally, you have to leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes. I advise you guys to just leave it on for that long because you won't able to move your face because it will really hurt so bad. As they say, beauty is pain! (HAHAHAHA!) But after that few minutes of pain is a result of pure freshness. I honestly love to do it at night before I go to sleep because my face feels so renewed after I wash off the mask.

          Of all the three products, this is definitely my fave. But again, it has a stingy smell that eventually subsides after few minutes as you apply it. I use it almost everyday because the result is so addicting. I did have a bad breakout a few months ago and my dark pimple marks are still visible. But thank God for this product because in just a few weeks of regular using this, my pimple marks are gone.

          What amazes me about this brand is that they give back to those who are in need. I have found out that they share some of their profit to underprivileged children and women at the Tiwala organization in Albay. It's good to know that international brands like Wildleaf helps out our fellow countrymen. They are not just a brand with great products, they are more than that.  

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All products are from Wildleaf US.
Reviews and ratings are based on my personal honest experience. 
No bias opinions included. 

Face by Phantom Glass got me covered! ;)

         Living in this generation, it is impeccable for us to hold our phones 24/7. We do bring our phone literally everywhere we go at the restaurant, gym, office, school and even at the restroom! (I know you guys do it too! HAHAHA!) 
         Being an iPhone user for years now, I have myriad of options to choose from for my phone case unlike for the android users. I have tried almost everything; from simple cases to printed cases and to the ones with lots of bling on the side and with cute bunny fur ball tail at the back. Nevertheless, I have never tried a phone case that could protect my phone 360°. I know one popular brand that promises 360° protection on my phone and it is also waterproof! But, despite of having so many good reviews, I didn't buy it. I didn't but it not because of how expensive it is, but how bulky the phone case is! Their designs are also terrible and doesn't suit for me.

       As I waited for years to found my perfect match for me, I gladly found out about Faces by Phantom Glass. It is a lightweight phone case that covers my phone 360° making it scratch free and dent free!♡ It also comes in 6 different colors: Black, Gold, Grey, Red, Silver and the one that I chose, color Pink. It is very minimalist but stylish, as the case is a bit metallic but comes out in a matte finish. 

This is what I saw as I opened the box from Face by Phantom Glass.

It comes out with a smaller box for the case.

The kit includes a phone case, tempered glass, cotton pads, sticker and manual instructions.

Back detail

Closer back detail.
Logo of Faces by Phantom Glass.

I've been using this case for weeks now and I love how it protects
 my phone all the time.
Let me know your thoughts about this brand and the case! ;)

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