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Love at first swipe with Colourette!

           A few months ago, I announced on my Instagram account that I am already a part of #ColouretteClique ― a group of online influencers from different fields. Some of us are bloggers, vloggers, make-up artists, doctors, beauty queens, flight attendants, future lawyers and the list goes on...

              But, before I became one of the #ColouretteClique, it has been quite a long time that I've been admiring this brand and it was even before they had Lily Maymac as their endorser. So imagine how long that has been! *laughs* Back to my story, it was probably their first few months when I discovered about Colourette Cosmetics and being a lipstick addict, I bought my first Colourette stick in shade of Bethany. Since then, it has been my favorite go-to lipstick because it is the only lipstick that doesn't make my lips turned into Sahara dessert! Most of the time, my lips are quite dry since I don't really drink that much water but this Colourette stick is my only holy grail product because it still keeps my lips moisturized even if it is a matte lipstick.

             Let me just give you a background about Colourette... it is one of the country's finest and most innovative line of makeup products - redefining cosmetics to beauty and empower the modern day women. Going beyond aesthetics, Colourette products aim not only to enhance women's beauty naturally but also provide its clients truly happy and healthy skin with its rich formulation of actives and cruelty-free manufacturing.

              What I love about this brand is that I know that it will never let me down. Colourette has been living up to all its promises to all its clients. Their lipsticks are called "creamy matte colourstick" and they are made of natural ingredients and lip plumping actives perfectly combined with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and nourishing oils and vitamins leaving lips lusciously creamy with a glamorous long-lasting smooth finish and this is all because of their ingredients.

 Vitamin C - retextures and protects lips
Vitamin E - provides extra lip nourishment and elasticity
Collagen - reduces the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles
Hyaluronic Acid -  rehydrates and plums dry damaged lips
Jojoba Oil - reduces dryness and irritation of chapped lips
Grapeseed Oil - works as antioxidant and gives lips a healthy glow
Avocado Oil - gives an extra dose of skin-softening nutrients
Shea Butter - nourishes for smooth and supple lips
Bees wax - soothes, protects and intensively moisturizes lips

             I finally experienced the "Love at first swipe" because of this creamy matte lipsticks and every woman can experience it too especially nowadays that Colourette is within your reach. They are now on Zalora and for this month of September, their UNO Primer and every colourstick is now only Php 399!

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