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#LetHairGo for the little girls of Philippine General Hospital and National Children Hospital

            It is very important to every woman her crowning glory and most women would like to keep them long. I was one of them. I was one of those women who are scared to cut their hair short, not until I have stumbled upon the Facebook page of Ohana MNL and watched this video.

          Honestly, I have been wanting to cut my hair short and donate it to the cancer patients for years now but I never really had enough strength to do it. But, this time is different. As I have finished watching the video, I was literally moved as I do have a soft heart to cancer patients and to young girls. I asked my self how much can I give for these children; how may inches of my hair am I willing to give up for them.

Bye bye short, hair!

          I prepared myself for a couple of weeks - having second thoughts, doubting myself if I can do it, and convincing myself that it will be worth it. It is one f the biggest decision making phase of my life. My hair has always been long, black and straight. I did try to change my looks before by trying out hair colors and digital perm but they always ended up as disaster. That's why I did stick up to the au natural look of my hair. Being praised for having naturally beautiful hair is also my main motivation for this as I wanted to share my crowning glory to a little girl and let her experience again of having a beautiful hair. 

        I went to Ohana MNL's hair donation drive at Headway Vera Salon, Tomas Morato. I was shaking when I sat down for a haircut. Hence, I instructed the hair stylist to cut my hair in shoulder length. I was brave enough to cut it at that short and donated more than 6 inches of my hair because I know a little girl will be smiling as she receives it.

Soon it will be another little girl's crowning glory.

           It's been a week now since I got this new look. Every time I touch my hair and it feels quite shorter than before and my heart skips a beat or whenever I see myself in the mirror, I just smile like an idiot and tells my self, "You made a difference in a little girl's life." I always believe that the things that you give are the things that makes you rich as a person. Not in financial matter, but it makes you rich in different aspects of life. 

For those who are interested in donating your hair to the young cancer patients of Philippine General Hospital and National Children Hospital, you may visit the Facebook page of Ohana MNL.

Kim, a cancer patient with her mom.



  1. This is absolutely amazing! Wow , you are truly an inspiration! I'm so glad I came across your blog !!!!!

  2. Great post! Thanks foe sharing!