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#LetHairGo for the little girls of Philippine General Hospital and National Children Hospital

            It is very important to every woman her crowning glory and most women would like to keep them long. I was one of them. I was one of those women who are scared to cut their hair short, not until I have stumbled upon the Facebook page of Ohana MNL and watched this video.

          Honestly, I have been wanting to cut my hair short and donate it to the cancer patients for years now but I never really had enough strength to do it. But, this time is different. As I have finished watching the video, I was literally moved as I do have a soft heart to cancer patients and to young girls. I asked my self how much can I give for these children; how may inches of my hair am I willing to give up for them.

Bye bye short, hair!

          I prepared myself for a couple of weeks - having second thoughts, doubting myself if I can do it, and convincing myself that it will be worth it. It is one f the biggest decision making phase of my life. My hair has always been long, black and straight. I did try to change my looks before by trying out hair colors and digital perm but they always ended up as disaster. That's why I did stick up to the au natural look of my hair. Being praised for having naturally beautiful hair is also my main motivation for this as I wanted to share my crowning glory to a little girl and let her experience again of having a beautiful hair. 

        I went to Ohana MNL's hair donation drive at Headway Vera Salon, Tomas Morato. I was shaking when I sat down for a haircut. Hence, I instructed the hair stylist to cut my hair in shoulder length. I was brave enough to cut it at that short and donated more than 6 inches of my hair because I know a little girl will be smiling as she receives it.

Soon it will be another little girl's crowning glory.

           It's been a week now since I got this new look. Every time I touch my hair and it feels quite shorter than before and my heart skips a beat or whenever I see myself in the mirror, I just smile like an idiot and tells my self, "You made a difference in a little girl's life." I always believe that the things that you give are the things that makes you rich as a person. Not in financial matter, but it makes you rich in different aspects of life. 

For those who are interested in donating your hair to the young cancer patients of Philippine General Hospital and National Children Hospital, you may visit the Facebook page of Ohana MNL.

Kim, a cancer patient with her mom.


Knowing a brand with a cause...

         Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including but not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility) are on the rise and are due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals—whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, while we eat lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home.

         There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Many don’t have any safety data. This is particularly true of those used in the skincare and beauty industry. What’s worse is that the Food and Drug Administration (the agency that regulates cosmetics) allows companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful in the products we put on our bodies and on our kids’ bodies every single day, day after day, and to make their own judgments about safety.


Why Natural?

          As the largest organ of the body, your skin not only absorbs lots of nutrients, but it can also take in a number of toxins each day. Since your skin acts as your body’s barrier against those toxins, it’s so important to be aware of just what you’re using. If you’re putting dangerous ingredients on your skin, it also means that those are getting into your body—exactly where they don’t belong.

        I found a brand that promotes organic product and gives back to those who are in need. It's, Wildleaf a brand that is committed to bringing USA manufactured natural skin care and we strive to provide products of the highest quality and purity. Our preparation includes the use of wild-crafted or organically grown medicinal plants, food-grade plant oils and waxes, rare essential oils and a myriad of other special ingredients, chosen specifically for their harmonizing effect on the skin. All our products are produced in small, frequent batches to ensure potency and freshness and contain No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Formaldehyde and No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Our goal to provide healthy, effective skin care and wellness products designed to improve the skin and enhance health holistically, as well as improve the overall lifestyles of our customers by example and education.  

        They were looking for a few like minded people to help them spread the word and I am very thankful that they have chosen me as they believe that I have the capacity to make a difference in other peoples lives. Helping them to educate Filipino people that health should be a priority and that healthier options are now not just a luxury or only available to the wealthy elite. It is our goal for our products to be available to everyone who wants to optimize their health and be vigilant in the products they choose because we discovered that many companies providing inexpensive "natural products" in the Philippines are not transparent with what actually goes into their products and often times they include ingredients that are not even listed!

         I'm in awe that there's an ethical company that cares about providing high quality natural products while also helping   underprivileged children and women at the Tiwala organization in Albay. It has inspired me to take this collaboration because it has moved me and let me see the world in a different perspective.

      Reviews and first impressions will be up on the blog soon!
For more information please do check out www.wildleaf.us

In collaboration with:

Sun and sunnies are out!

          Being in a tropical country, no doubt that there are days when the sun is scorching. Even if it is not summer time, we do experience warm humid and bright sunlight. We cannot runaway from the heat of our big open oven a.k.a the Philippines! But, let's not be negative about it since some of the other countries actually envy us for having summer season almost everyday of the year! ;)

            Let me just share to you this super quick ootd shoot that we had last month as I was running late for the MMK Life Songs Grand Album Launch with my bestfriend for styling duties.

        What I wore that day is just a simple top with overlapping design in front, a comfortable  pants, pair of loafers and what made my look standout, a pair of stylish sunnies. I love how sunnies can change your outfit from trash to fab. And if you would notice, I've been sporting this pair of sunnies from one of my trusted online shopping site, Rosegal.com.

       This pair of sunnies stylish and I love that its design is very unique. Its gold frame is made of alloy which makes it very durable and what's more exciting is that it was shipped to me just a few days after I ordered it! Have you ever experienced when you purchased something online and you wanted the product to jump off from your computer screen as you paid for it? I like that Rosegal didn't spoil my excitement as my items were delivered to me exactly 2 days after I ordered it. 

        I know there are lots of online shopping sites out there. But, I'd always go back to which one I trust the most. 

Sunnies from:

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Bought from Hong Kong
Loafers: Milanos (UAE brand)
Lipstick: Colourette Cosmetics in shade of Dakota


Love at first swipe with Colourette!

           A few months ago, I announced on my Instagram account that I am already a part of #ColouretteClique ― a group of online influencers from different fields. Some of us are bloggers, vloggers, make-up artists, doctors, beauty queens, flight attendants, future lawyers and the list goes on...

              But, before I became one of the #ColouretteClique, it has been quite a long time that I've been admiring this brand and it was even before they had Lily Maymac as their endorser. So imagine how long that has been! *laughs* Back to my story, it was probably their first few months when I discovered about Colourette Cosmetics and being a lipstick addict, I bought my first Colourette stick in shade of Bethany. Since then, it has been my favorite go-to lipstick because it is the only lipstick that doesn't make my lips turned into Sahara dessert! Most of the time, my lips are quite dry since I don't really drink that much water but this Colourette stick is my only holy grail product because it still keeps my lips moisturized even if it is a matte lipstick.

             Let me just give you a background about Colourette... it is one of the country's finest and most innovative line of makeup products - redefining cosmetics to beauty and empower the modern day women. Going beyond aesthetics, Colourette products aim not only to enhance women's beauty naturally but also provide its clients truly happy and healthy skin with its rich formulation of actives and cruelty-free manufacturing.

              What I love about this brand is that I know that it will never let me down. Colourette has been living up to all its promises to all its clients. Their lipsticks are called "creamy matte colourstick" and they are made of natural ingredients and lip plumping actives perfectly combined with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and nourishing oils and vitamins leaving lips lusciously creamy with a glamorous long-lasting smooth finish and this is all because of their ingredients.

 Vitamin C - retextures and protects lips
Vitamin E - provides extra lip nourishment and elasticity
Collagen - reduces the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles
Hyaluronic Acid -  rehydrates and plums dry damaged lips
Jojoba Oil - reduces dryness and irritation of chapped lips
Grapeseed Oil - works as antioxidant and gives lips a healthy glow
Avocado Oil - gives an extra dose of skin-softening nutrients
Shea Butter - nourishes for smooth and supple lips
Bees wax - soothes, protects and intensively moisturizes lips

             I finally experienced the "Love at first swipe" because of this creamy matte lipsticks and every woman can experience it too especially nowadays that Colourette is within your reach. They are now on Zalora and for this month of September, their UNO Primer and every colourstick is now only Php 399!