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A little something different

     Plain shirts, pants, sneakers, and cap — these are the things I've never imagined myself wearing as of today. I know myself more than anyone else and I know what I like to wear as much as what other people would tell me otherwise. Hence, my style has always been classy and chic or something girly. Before I entered the "blogging world", you'll often see me in dresses, blouses, skirts or shorts. I seldom wear pants unless I really need to. Heels and flats (doll shoes) are the only things that I approved wearing! As long as it's okay to wear heels, I would always wear one but if not and it just have to be casual, I go for the latter one.


     I broke them little by little. I started wearing sneakers which I used to hate but love now. I just can't resist the ease and comfort it brings every time I wear them, and as much as I hate to say this, I am buying more sneakers right now rather than heels.  I also started wearing more of pants — high waisted pants even though it's really really hot here in the Philippines. (Thank God somebody brought back that 50's fashion trend!)

     But, here's the catch, I rarely wear SHIRTS! And when I say rarely... it's once in a blue moon. It's something that I am really not a fan of. Please don't hate me for saying that! HAHAHA! It was just recently that I actually figured out that I only have TWO shirts in my closet excluding my pambahays and college shirts. The reason why I don't wear shirts it's because I DON'T BUY THEM.... and I don't buy them because I don't wear them. BUT, on my recent purchase from Forever 21, I bought a couple of shirts and one of which is this off-white shirt.


     Just to give it a try I wanted something simple but would still stand out. So, I paired the plain shirt with a leather pants that I haven't worn for a long time. I originally planned to wear it with a black sneaker but my Jordan 4 in Breds (which i s the only black sneaker that I have) doesn't look good with it. Thus, I wore it with a black low cut boots and with a leather cap just to conceal my long locks.

So what can you say on this outfit? 
Let me know if I pulled it off well or not.


Cap: Forever 21
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Bought from Hong Kong
Boots: H&M

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