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Summer with Shapes & Curves

     I have to admit that I am really fond of travelling every summer; whether it's local or international. As cliché as it may sound, but every summer has really its own story. I make sure to seize my favorite season by exploring what's in store for me through travelling and experiencing things first hand. But, my summer wouldn't be complete without getting lost in my favorite element and the bikini hunting season per se starts even before my summer break started! *wink*


      The best way to hunt the perfect bikini is through online shopping. They have the trendiest designs with different cuts, colors, prints and styles. You name it, they have it. But again, there are lots of online shops and brands that sell bikinis and monokinis. Good thing that I stumbled upon the page of Shapes & Curves, one of the leading swimsuit online stores in the country! They have all the bikinis that are circulating in different social media sites. 

      As a self-proclaimed mermaid, everyone knows my love for swimsuits and hoarding them isn't a total surprise. So, I gave in and got myself three swimsuits from Shapes & Curves - two bikinis and one monokini to be exact.

              In general, what I like about Shapes & Curves is the quality of their swimsuits. Who would want to have a wardrobe malfunction in a bikini, right? No worries because they have tight spandex bikinis that will not loosen up as you dive into the pool or as you enjoy with the ocean waves. But then again, style is as important as comfort. Shapes & Curves won't let you down since style and comfort goes hand in hand with their swimsuits. As I have said earlier, they have all the bikinis that are circulating in different social media sites. So basically, their designs are to die for! See it for yourself at www.snc.ph or visit their Instagram account www.instagram.com/snc.ph! Just right in time with their ongoing sale! ;)

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