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Blacks and The Peach Box

Accessories can always make or break an outfit. It's important to know what accessories to wear to hype up your outfit or just to simply make a statement out of it. I have to admit that sometimes I am guilty when it comes to over-accessorizing and it's a big NO because it just makes your outfit look terrible or in other words, an eyesore. *gasp* I learned that less is more when it comes to accessories; You can't wear a pair of dangling earrings over a gigantic necklace or a set of bracelets with different designs. Just like your fashion style, your accessories will also represent you since it's a part of your outfit and a part of you -- how you managed to make your look better with accessories. 

That's why I'd love to share with you guys an Australian brand that offers various styles of accessories from chic to modern to edgy. The Peach Box is an online fashion jewelry destination not just for bloggers, but to everyone. Especially now that they have widen their collection by adding their sister brand, Marc Bale that caters both men and women versatile timepiece needs. The Peach Box has pieces that you can't resist to buy and here are my two top picks from their collection.

Bedazzling Bezels Crystal
I always opted to invest in classic timeless pieces and this particular necklace just brings out the feminine side of me. It has 7 bedazzling crystals that can make even a simple outfit pop out.

Roman Empress Bangle in Gold
When it comes to versatility, this bangle is a perfect choice. It can be pulled off in any outfit, whether it be casual or formal or even edgy. It can stand out even without being paired with a watch.

I have found my two new favorite accessories and you can find yours too at www.ThePeachBox.com. Feel free to use my code "tpb-dhencayabyab" to slash off 15% on your purchase!

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