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The Cream Factory SPArty

After long hours of duty, writing papers, doing blog posts and everything else in between, the best way to relieve my stress is to have a SPArty! I'm glad to be one of the chosen bloggers of The Real Deal Company and The Cream Factory to have a brunch spa party with Miss Earth 2015, Angelia Ong. It was such an awesome experience because we were able to have first class spa treatment at their newly opened office. Mind you, it doesn't look like an office at all. Kudos to the architect and interior designer!

Moreover, the event was filled with fun and surprises. I was able to have a tour at their office and it was the owner herself who showed me the shower rooms, spa area and sauna. They even have an outdoor shower room which has a Japanese zen vibes. During the event, I had a hand scrub treatment using their creamy scrub in Goat's Milk and Honey while having wine and cheese at 10 am in the morning! A perfect way to destress, right? And even had brunch after the spa session. *yay for food* 

I've been using their products for four days now and I have to say that it really lives up to it's name. I am very impressed with the products of The Cream Factory - Dessert for Skin, it does keep my skin moisturized and the body scrubs doesn't have that flaky after effect. And yes, it is a dessert for skin because they just smell so good like real food! Just a note to everyone, contain yourself from eating their products when you use them especially with the Goat's Milk & Cinnamon bath cream. I'm loving and indulging myself to these products! I hope you guys give it a try because it's worth every peso! ;)


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