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Bobbi Brown Make Up Session with Tamara Pineda

I know I've been MIA for weeks now and I've been passing up some events due to conflict of schedule. But, no worries because I'll be updating my Instagram and blog more often than these past weeks! ;)

So, here's a quick blog post for the make up session that I had last February 17 at Shangri-La, Makati. I was one of the lucky bloggers that was picked by MEGA Style, the web source for the latest in fashion and beauty, style ideas, shopping, popular culture and events of MEGA Magazine to have a one-on-one make up session with Tamara Pineda. She is the woman behind #TamaraDoesMakeUp and probably the best trained make up artist of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. It is a given fact for all the make up junkies that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is one of the leading make up brands in the US and Bobbi Brown herself believes that "Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin." and I was able to unlock Bobbi's secret to perfect skin. Props to the pro, Tarama Pineda!

1. Always start with a clean face.
This has been a golden rule for every ladies. Always wash your face first to remove dirt and excess oil on your face before putting make-up or anything else. 


2. Tone - moisturize - prime!
Most of us usually skip these 3 steps but these actually helps us on giving extra care on our skin.

Toner for extra cleansing, moisturizer for non-dry skin and primer to help make up last longer.

  • Find the perfect toner for your skin. It must be gentle on your skin with no sting feeling.
  • Know your skin type before purchasing a moisturizer. You don't want to look greasy after a couple of hours when you applied your moisturizer.
  •   Look for the best primer that suits you - it could be gel or cream based.

Yes, this must be the most important rule of them all. When it comes to achieving a flawless make-up whether it's for foundation, concealer, blush or lipstick; finding your right shade is a must!

  • Foundation: Swatch two to three shades closest to your skin tone. Swatch them on the side of your face between your chin and neck. The one that seems to appear invisible is the right shade for you.
  • Concealer: Stick to the ones near to your foundation shade and never use a lighter shade on blemishes and pimple marks because you're not concealing it. It just makes the mark more visible by applying too much product on the part which the tendency is it's lighter than the rest of your face.
  • Blush: Worrying if your blush is too light or too red for you? Just pinch the apples of your cheeks and the shade that pops out is the secret to your perfect natural looking blush.
  • Lipstick: Know your undertone and base your lipstick shade on your skin tone.

Now that I have shared my experience and some tips that I learned from my make up session, do give it a try the next time you put your make up on. But, remember to invest on your skin rather than the make ups your using.

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