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We all have a lazy dressing day once in our lives and I guess today is mine. Having an internship at graveyard shift makes me want to stay in my bed all day long during my first off but on the contrary I still want to make it productive. I gathered all the enthusiasm left in me and managed to do all my errands today ― in my pajamas slash nighties inspired look. Lol! Sometimes it's good to mock yourself before somebody else does it.

I tried matching up two things that I am currently obsessing and used to be obsessed with. I'm talking about wide leg pants (and culottes, will be posting a new blog post for this) and bustier/bralette. I already planned this outfit long before the holidays but I was not able to wear it because my guts are always coming in my way. I stand 5 feet and 2 inches tall and wide leg pants aren't my forte but the little voice inside me told me to give a try!


Top: FOREVER 21 ($10)
I bought this in States way back in 2012 and
I purchased it in two colors: white & mint green.
Impulsive buyer alert!!! ;)

Bottom: NAVA (Php 450)
It was on the sale rack and I couldn't pass out
a 50% off! What a steal, right? 

Sunnies: Ray Ban

 At first, I tried pairing this outfit with flats but erhm, it doesn't look good or probably it's not just my style. So, I decided to pair them instead with my Hue Manila Jennica heels which gave me a more sophisticated look. So what do you guys think about this look? :)

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