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Product Review: Rucy's Vanity

Nowadays, almost every girls are into makeup and I have to admit that I am one of them. Make up should not be regarded as something negative or should it be used against to people who wears them. Makeup should be used to enhance your beauty and not to empower the beauty you already have. 

I am lucky to find out about Rucy's Vanity, a Korean cosmetic brand that offers high quality products but in a reasonable price which ranges about 50-300 pesos only! I've been using some of their products for quite some time now so that I could give out an actual review about it.

This has got to be my favorite among the five items that I have received from Rucy's Vanity. It's in shade of nudepink-ish―purple nail polish which is quite hard to find. It really lives up to it's product description: pigmented, quick drying, high quality and long wearing. As the manicurist applied the nail polish, it is visible that the color is really pigmented even just on the first coat and it easily dried up after a few minutes. It has been exactly four days after I got my manicure and yet my nails are still in perfect condition. No chip at all! I think I just found the perfect nail polish for me.

At first, I was left in shock when I tried this. I thought it would stay as white as it was when I put it on my face but as I blend it in to my face, its color started to change from white to warm skin tone color. I used this as my base for my make up - it was able to correct the red spots on my face and it was able to conceal some of my dark pimple marks on my chin area. It did a good job that's why I didn't use any foundation on my face after this. But, what I don't like about this certain product is its smell and it's quite sticky but it will eventually subside as it set on your face. 

I didn't use this as foundation because one word: SHIMMER! This may not pass as my perfect go-to foundation but it is definitely my favorite highlighter. I can achieve the strobing technique using this pearl foundation because of it's shimmer effect. It really lifted my cheekbones and the other areas where I put this product. This pearl foundation surpassed my expectations because it really did great job as a highlighter and having it's cheap price (It only costs 70 pesos, can you believe it?!), I'm pretty impressed!

A plus point for this two-way cake powder because the powder puff (Nope, it's not a sponge.) has a plastic separator from the powder which is so hygienic. It's is not cakey unlike the other two-way cake powders  and it has a matte finish that feels and looks fresh on your face. It only lasted for like 2-3 hours but it could be easily re-touch  and still have the same effect as you first applied it.

This Liquid Eye Liner screams precision because of its thin brush tip. As compared to other pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner, it could get a little messy at first for beginners like me who usually don't use eyeliner because it's liquid which is harder to apply. It's is not like the other liquid eyeliners that has gleamy finish; it's smudge proof and it also has a matte finish, which I really love about it!

Pictures are unedited to show the real effect of the products.
Other products namely mascara, eyebrow liner, and lipstick are not 
included since this is a product review about Rucy's Vanity.

Playing dress up and with make up has always been my thing and I'm glad that I found some of my new favorites from the gifts that were sent to me. So, all in all, I would give out 4.5 out of 5 because the products really stood up for its hype and there's always a room for improvement. Rucy's Vanity has lots of products to offer and it is not only confined with make up products. Feel free to visit their website: www.rucysvanity.com.ph 

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