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1Face Watch

As a student and a blogger at the same time, having a busy schedule is always a problem but time management is the key for me to be able  to accomplish everything. Added to my growing watch collection is a black and gold touchscreen watch from a brand called 1Face  a perfect combination of class and style. Since, the watch is touchscreen, it will only reveal time in white LED lights on its mirrored finish screen when you press it. It is also water resistant and its frame is made out of alloy metal. So enough on talking about how great this watch is because it's about to seal the deal!


What is really impressive about this brand is that they offer charity watches that support different causes all over the world. They have 9 causes: hunger, environment, disaster relief, cancer, aids, water, breast cancer, animals and education. Purchasing this watch is like hitting two birds with one stone; you were able to buy your techy watch and yet you were able to help those who are in need. It's about time to give back. I'm glad to be a part of this and so can you! Purchase at www.1facewatch.com and choose your cause. Join the movement to change a million lives.

I hope you guys are enjoying reading my blogs as much as I am enjoying writing them for you! More blog posts to come this 2016!!! Cheers to new year!

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