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Coffee and Shoot


I've always wanted to update my blog since December came but I was dealing with my finals, surviving my last academic semester and craving for the holidays; all at the same time. Hence, I already consumed 2 weeks of my month long break and I could have posted tons of blog entries but I want my blog to have great and real content.

It was great that the time permitted my friend and I to catch up over some coffee and S'mores yesterday at an instagrammable place in Makati. So, I told myself "I can finally add this mini adventure on my blog." *wink* 

The said place is called Restock Coffee and Curiosities which is located in 7635 Guijo Street, Makati. It gives out a cozy vibe and its every corner is a perfect spot that would give out hearts on your Instagram feed.


It's a good thing that we both decided to dress up nicely since we were able to finish our coffee as early as the time expected. That's why we have decided to have a photo walk at High Street. I wore a black turtle neck dress turned into a top, layered by a white vest for a monochromatic look. Then, I matched them with ripped jeans and my favorite black heels for a more casual-edgy style.

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for my next blog post about my collaboration with Daniel Wellington watches. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Photo by:
JC Fabian

Flashback from Billie's

Billie Llama as quoted from their tag line "A new kind of old." is a brand that offers dainty flats that are inspired by vintage fashion style. Hence, they created their pieces with a twist by mixing vintage and modern style by putting up trendy colors, preppy designs and casual looking flats into one.

They have different designs but my personal favorite is their tassel loafers and I have it in black which makes it more versatile. What I love about it, is that it's so stylish and yet you don't have to suffer your comfort while wearing it (a.k.a 'tiis ganda'). I've been overusing it for months now since it's the perfect to-go footwear for me because it's comfortable. Thanks to its Italian foam insoles!

It also comes with a travel bag wherein I can just fold my tassel loafers, put it inside the bag and I'm ready to go. Who would not love to have their own pair of Billie's when it's convenient to bring it anywhere?

In collaboration with:
Sms/Viber: 09175728833

Dhen tries to blog

After three months of contemplating whether to make a blog or not, I finally gave in and decided to make my own blog. I promised my self that I would give myself a non-material gift since I'm turning 20 today and I'm happy to tell you guys that it is my blog.

It all started last August when I was featured in Candy Magazine's section as their It Girl From Web. I was also featured in one of the fashion pages on Instagram and they even sent me a message, offering me to be a paid blogger. However, during that time, I was too close-minded to enter the blogging world that's why I refused their offer. But, instead of going to the different direction, it seemed like it was leading me to be a blogger. Even if I didn't have my own blog that time, I started getting collaborations with local online shops. Along with these were invitations in different events for bloggers and social media influencers. I was so flattered that even if my Instagram followers were roughly about four thousand that time, three international brands already noticed me and sent me some of their items. 

I've always been thankful for all the blessings that I've been receiving from God especially my family and friends. This blog will not be possible without my friends who were always pushing me to go beyond my limits, to get out of my comfort zone and to pursue blogging. And also to my blogger friends Tesle Telan, Charleen Salazar, Mavie Tumampos and Jean Dalida who inspired  and taught me how to start blogging.

Enjoy reading my blog and stay tuned for more outfit inspirations from me!

Photography by:
Kamille Casida
De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
Bachelor of Arts, Major in Digital Filmmaking 
email: kamille.casida@gmail.com

Shoes & Dress:

Zalora PH